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Sleep and Hydration: Add Sleep and Hydration to Your Anti-Aging Regimen

We all want healthy-looking, youthful-looking skin. But getting it? That’s another story. Many of us try different methods over the years, including products, diets or professional treatments. But there are two things that are always good for your skin, no matter your skin type or age: sleep and hydration.

These two habits can make a difference in the look and feel of your skin. Read on as we deep dive into each of these important—often overlooked—secrets to better skin.


Sleep can affect everything from your mood, to your metabolism, to your memory.1 But more than that, a good night’s rest can help your skin look refreshed and revitalized. Here are some quick tips to put the “beauty” in “beauty sleep.”

Get enough sleep. Quantity and quality are important when it comes to sleep. Try to get about 7-9 hours of good, solid rest each night.2

Elevate your head. Keeping your head elevated while you sleep (perhaps with an extra pillow) can help reduce swelling and puffiness in the morning.3

Sleep on your back. The effects of gravity and pressure on your facial skin can make lines and wrinkles look worse, particularly if you sleep on your stomach or side.4 To take the best care of your skin while you sleep, try sleeping on your back.

Use the right products. Because your skin doesn’t have to protect itself from environmental age accelerators while you’re sleeping, it can focus on utilizing the nighttime treatment products you use.5 Joyōme Intensive Overnight Repair is an example of a great product that helps replenish your skin while you’re fast asleep. Find a great nighttime product that focuses on nourishing the skin.


Hydrating your skin is crucial to keeping it looking healthy and looking its best. Dry skin is a sign of aging skin, so if your skin is dry, it may look older. Avoid this by keeping your skin hydrated, day and night. Here are some quick tips for hydrating your skin effectively.

Hydrate inside and out. A good moisturizer is a must, but it’s often not enough. Your skin, like any other organ, needs water to function at its best.6 Try incorporating more water in your daily routine, not only will it keep your body well hydrated, but it also helps improve the appearance of your skin.

Avoid hot water. Washing your face (or really, your entire body) with hot water can irritate your skin and cause dryness.7 To avoid this, wash with lukewarm water instead.

Focus on ingredients. When choosing your skincare products, look for options with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, which can help skin retain moisture. (Psst! We have a favorite!)

Timing is everything. Apply moisturizer to freshly washed skin to get the greatest effect. Use a towel to pat, rather than wipe, the skin dry and then apply your favorite moisturizer generously.  A warm shower opens pores making your pores more receptive to accepting the benefits of a moisturizer. This should help keep the water in the surface cells of the skin, for greater hydration.8

Your skin is a delicate and precious part of your body and should be treated with care. By making sure you’re getting enough sleep and keeping your skin hydrated, you’re taking two giant leaps towards more healthy-looking, beautiful skin.